Monday, 12 September 2016


Favourite albums of all time:

-Kanye West, life of Pablo; even though the album has caused a law suit, worldwide controversy and a war with Taylor Swift I still love this album!
-Beyoncé, lemonade; This album shows a whole new side to Beyoncé and has left us all asking questions. When life gives you lemons make millions!
-Anti; Rihanna; I have also liked Rihanna’s music and love her even more now she is dating drake.
-Tinie Tempeh Disc-Overy; it’s not very often you like all the songs on an album but I do for this album. Old songs are always the best!
Beyoncé, dangerously in love; i have always loved Beyoncé and her music, and this still has to be one of the best albums of all time. Ovbs.

most disliked celeb:

-Taylor swift; we don’t all need to know about every single ex-boyfriend she has ever had, and after she cheated on Calvin Harris she dropped even lower into my most hated.
-Kayne West; although I love his music and his wife I can’t stand Kayne West as a person, you can never like someone who doesn’t smile, ever!
Ariana Grande; after seeing her at Summer Time Ball this year all she reminds me of is a hamster.
-Justin Bieber; after spitting on his fans and punching a pap for a photo I have forever hated him as a person but many still sing alone to his songs now and then :/
-Chris brown; I think most people would hate a man who abused a women and then held another woman at gun point during a police raid?

Favourite films of all time:

-Forest Gump; this film has me crying every single time but how can you not just love forest Gump.
-Catch me if you can; I’m not sure why but I love this film, maybe it’s just that fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is the main character
-The other woman; I love this film; it might be cheesy but it’s just so funny.
-Marley and me; I just love anything to do with animals or children, this film has me in piece every time even though I know what’s going to happen.
-Brotherhood; only went to see this the other day, I didn’t think I’d like it but I actually did really like it, love the fact it was funny as well.

Favourite tv programs of all time

-Marcella; I really enjoyed this series when it came out this year and love all the story lines.
ashes to ashes; I was so sad when they stopped making ashes to ashes as I become a little tiny but addicted to the show, wish they would bring out a new series.
-EastEnders; as much as it is just shouting and death I love EastEnders, and refuse to miss a show.
-Top boy; I have only just finished watching top boy and really liked it as it gives an insight to London’s gang warfare. 
-WAGS; even though I know it’s so fake including they boobs and teeth I still love this show and can’t help but watch it.

Power couples

Kimye; their children are gorgeous and their outfits are always matching. Goals.
Beyoncé + jay z; even after all the rumours they have always stuck together, plus its Beyoncé. Come on.
Angelia and brad; any couple who raise five adopted children while being un ambassadors and drop dead gorgeous are just power.
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen; fell in love with them as a couple after he wrote ‘all of me’ to Chrissy in 2013.
Justin Timberlake + Britney Spears; even though they aren’t a couple and haven’t been for a long time, Justin and Britney still deserve some sort of award for the double denim co ord red carpet outfits. Sack the stylist!

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