Tuesday, 13 September 2016

mise en scene

This scene from Forest Gump shows Forest and another woman sat at a public bench which shows he is waiting for public transport, the other people in the background also show that it is a public place however the back ground isn’t in focus yet the two characters on the bench are in focus showing they are more important. The background is very dark and dull whereas the front of the shot where the characters are sat is very bright yet still looks natural also showing their importance.  The fact that forest is sharing the bench and the shot with another character who is also in the same focus shows that something is going to happen between them, but the distance between the characters sat on the bench shows that they aren’t together or friends and have only starting talking while waiting on the bench together. They also seem very different as they are far apart in age, have opposite posture, facial expressions and clothing highlighting that forest is different and co he is sat holding a box of chocolates and has a bag showing he is going to visit someone and stay for a while, and forests posture and the way he is sat shows he is nervous and is different as he isn’t sat in the same way as the woman or anyone we normal see waiting.

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