Tuesday, 13 September 2016

film production

Writer-the writer creates the scrips, story lines and plot for the film.
Producer- the producer is in charge and over sees everything what happens with in the film.
Casting director- the casting director find the actors and actresses needed for the roles in the film
Director-in charge of  everything to do with making the film.
Film finance- film finance is the money raised by producer for the making of the film and the potential value of the film.
Camera operator- camera operators shoots and film all the shots needed to make up the film.
Editor-an editor removes all unneeded shots and put other shots together to create the final film.
Production designer. a production designer is in charge of the overall look and design of the film.
Marketing- the marketing team is in charge of prompting and selling the film to public. 
 Exhibition- exhibition is a showing films in cinemas or on DVD bring media attention through opening nights and premieres.

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